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Molecular Biology and Cell Line Generation

Ø Nucleotide sequence design to improve the productivity according to the CHO cell preference.

Ø GS or DHFR expression vectors construction according to the characteristics of recombinant protein.

Ø High-yield monoclonal cell line development in less than 3 months using the highly effective CHOZN® GS (-/-) screening system.

Ø A variety of expression systems to meet different needs.

Ø Monoclonality imaging to meet the requirements of NMPA and FDA in the procedure of monoclonal cell line screening.

Ø Stable transfection optimization to reach high transfection efficiency.

Ø Comprehensively evaluated multi-level (cell, genetic and protein) stability data to meet the requirement of NMPA and FDA.

Ø GMP-certified cell banking procedure and storage in the qualified facility.


 Molecular Biology and Cell Line Construct Department


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